Our Own Lemonade and Iced Tea are here!  These seasonal beverages are available in plastic only until we get our glass bottle order in early May.  FARM STORE HOURS:  10:00 AM - 5:00 PM daily.  ICE CREAM STAND opens for the season MAY 1  !!!  
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ornstra Farms has been a family owned and operated business for four generations. In 1912, my great-grandparents and their six children left their home in Holland and boarded a ship bound for America, the land of opportunity. Eventually, the family made their way to Hingham, Massachusetts where they worked for a small dairy farm on Fort Hill Street. On May 1, 1915, just two years after arriving in Hingham, the Hornstras bought that farm and Hornstra Farms was born.

The young family worked very hard and before long they began to outgrow their small dairy property. Soon after, the much larger Jordan Farm was offered for sale. The property comprised almost one hundred acres of rich farm land, as well as a new barn which accommodated eighty-five cows. Buying the large farm was an ambitious move, but determined to succeed, the Hornstras signed the deed. When moving day finally arrived, the family walked their herd of twenty Holstein cows to their new home in Hingham.

Over the last hundred years, there have been many changes at Hornstra Farms. The cows as well as the milk production have moved to our scenic farm in Norwell, Massachusetts and there are plans to make our own ice cream and to open a new retail store and ice cream stand on the property. But one thing will never change, our commitment to produce the finest products available and to distribute them with professionalism, courtesy and a smile!

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