milk-1Our Milk

There are many factors that impact the quality of milk, but it all begins with our cows. The quality of our cow feed, the proper washing and drying of the cows, and the sanitation of the milking equipment, are all essential in the production of an exceptional product. We take special care in every aspect of this process because our reputation depends on it!

milk-2At Hornstra Farms, we still do things the traditional way. We gently pasteurize our milk at a low temperature for a longer period of time. This minimal low-temperature, vat pasteurization ensures that the majority of the milk’s naturally occurring digestive enzymes are preserved, as well as the creamy farm fresh flavor.

We offer our delicious milk in environmentally friendly, thick glass bottles, that we collect, sanitize and reuse. This not only helps Mother Nature, but it also keeps your milk colder and fresher, and protects the farm fresh flavor.