First and foremost, Hornstra Farms’ milk is the best-tasting and freshest product available. It is bottled at our farm in Norwell, Massachusetts and is delivered to your door in environmentally safe, reusable glass bottles.

There are many factors that impact the quality of milk including, the quality of the cow feed, the proper washing and drying of the cows, and the sanitization of the milking equipment. We take special care in all aspects of this process because our family’s reputation depends upon it!

At Hornstra Farms, we still do things the old-fashioned way.  From vat pasteurization, to glass bottles, we take every step to ensure that our product is the freshest and purest available.

Of course, doing things the old-fashioned way means that our herd is NOT injected with synthetic hormones. Since 100% of Hornstra Farms’ milk comes from our own cows, we can guarantee that 100% of our milk is free of synthetic growth hormones.


Hornstra Farms’ milk comes from local, happy, healthy cows. We guarantee that our cows are NOT injected with the SYNTHETIC GROWTH HORMONES used by some dairies to stimulate milk production. Special care is taken every step of the way – from the birth of the calf to the delivery of our milk to your door – we ensure that you receive the finest product available. Our reputation depends upon it!


Pasteurization involves heating milk to kill bacteria. Nearly all milk sold in industrialized countries is pasteurized. Most milk is pasteurized using the Flash Pasteurization Method, which is accomplished by heating the milk to 161° F for 15 seconds and then quickly cooling it.

At Hornstra Farms we prefer the old-fashioned VAT PASTEURIZATION METHOD. We heat our milk to 145° F for 30 minutes. This gives the milk the smooth sweet taste of yesteryear and preserves the naturally occuring enzymes that aid in digestion. It takes more time and effort but we feel it’s worth it!